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Our Vision

To be a global leader in education industry, offering outstanding education services to all in terms of quality and innovation making us consistently a student's first choice.

  1. Our basic motto is to constantly improve & strengthen the positive impact we have on our students and society, helping them in transforming their lives through our dedication and hard-work. This encourages us to make a difference to the society.
  2. We persistently strive to innovate finding new & more efficient ways to educate and serve students.
  3. We keep both standard and expectations high for our students and even for ourselves.
  4. To help students to achieve their academic objectives by providing innovative, best in class coaching through interactive technology and mathodology and to make learning meaningful and joyful.
  5. To Empower students to build stronger concepts to make them more confident to face any academic challenges in the future.

Our Mission

Aggr Bandhu Gyan Kendra is the leader in classroom training. Our mission is to provide quality education in the field of Medical and Engineering Entrance Exams training. At the same time, we are committed to the advancement of education by giving value added services to the students across the nation and abroad". It is our objective to continue to be the leader in the development and provision of solutions and added-value services for training students towards their career goals. We intend to provide the best resources to the student community and teachers, with the goals of attaining high results with mutual efforts and performance, as well as the competitive advantage of our unique teaching techniques and progress management system. We will continue to provide expertise and support to the education community, as we see our success synergetic with the success of students and teachers accomplishing the targeted goals laid by the Institute.